when you have grey hair no one suspects you of anything


1904 Common Sense Dictionary

Pages from the Common Sense Dictionary, 1904.
Wheatpasted onto streetlight poles in Tucson’s Armory Park Historic District.
Words the neighbors were looking up when the houses in the neighborhood were new.
Things you still may need to know.

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OK Market

Wouldn’t it be nice if, instead of a boarded up shell of a building, there was a bakery/greengrocer/cafe, with neighbors stopping in for a dozen eggs and a quart of milk and a chat?

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Scent Is The 4th Dimension

Pollyanna likes working in the fourth dimension too.

An entire bottle of vintage jasmine oil for the exterior entry of the Pioneer building.


Invisible Desert


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Warm Winter Scarf

Some people call him Paul Bunyan.
Some people call him Glenn Stone, the Ax Murderer.
A gift of a warm scarf on the coldest night of the year.


DIY Public Works: Bike Ramp

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Tired of bumping over the curb from the River Path to Trader Joe’s parking lot. The solution: a couple of bags of concrete, et voilà! A bike ramp.

200 Thread Count Queen Flat

A series of quotations on a single bedsheet, enlivening the chainlink in the Modern Streetcar construction zones of  Fourth Avenue and Congress Streets.

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