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Brook Knoll School at the OK Market

Pollyanna found some old yearbooks from Brook Knoll Elementary school, 1965-1967.
What a sweet cast of characters!
Everybody got fresh new paper clothes and went to play on the boarded up windows of the abandoned OK Market.

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Brook Knoll playground at the OK Market

Brook Knoll playground at the OK Market


50¢ worth of innocence

Pollyanna was happy to find an illustrated 1924 copy of Raggedy Ann and Andy and the Camel with the Wrinkled Knees at St Vincent de Paul for 50¢.
Pasted on light poles along S 4th Avenue, especially concentrated around Safford School.
A celebration of innocence.

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Souvenirs at Cyclovia

Pollyanna’s Souvenir Stand appeared at Cyclovia, on South Fourth Avenue at the OK Market.

A self-service honor system table: objects painted or engraved with Souvenir Of Tucson
Inspired by
1. Childhood memories of longing, longing to go into souvenir stores and buy some little thing.
2. The delicious non-sequitur nature of souvenirs that have nothing to do with the place they are sold.

3. Deep admiration for self pay, honor system roadside farm stands.
4. Years of feeling the absurd ambiguity of having to price artwork.


By the end of the day, most of the souvenirs were gone.  

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1904 Common Sense Dictionary

Pages from the Common Sense Dictionary, 1904.
Wheatpasted onto streetlight poles in Tucson’s Armory Park Historic District.
Words the neighbors were looking up when the houses in the neighborhood were new.
Things you still may need to know.

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OK Market

Wouldn’t it be nice if, instead of a boarded up shell of a building, there was a bakery/greengrocer/cafe, with neighbors stopping in for a dozen eggs and a quart of milk and a chat?

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